Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), an organization for deposit and exchange of molecular and biomolecular samples, was active in 1996-2010.
MDPI Chemical Samples Preservation
December 2012: MDPI samples collection and distribution project is transfered to Dr. Regis Turin: MolMall Sarl.
The MDPI Sustainability Foundation:
MDPI Online, Open Access Journals
October 2008: MDPI launched a new publication platform at
May 2010
: MDPI AG was founded where MDPI stands for Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.
MDPI Scientific Conferences

MDPI hosted conferences or conference series, see the list.
ECSOC (Electronic Conference on Synthetic Organic Chemistry at since 1997
October 2009: MDPI launched a conference service platform at This was taken over by MDPI AG.
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